Courses, conferences, meetings

Our Center was created with the desire to share experiences with people who dedicate their lives to education, as well as to examine some of the answers to the questions that arise from today’s social needs. That is why, spaces for work, exchange and reflection on Education and the Environment are developed around the “Educar Hoy” training program every year.

Huerto alegre tiene su propio programa formativo que se renueva anualmente, pero también colaboramos con otras entidades ( administraciones, universidad, fundaciones, centros de profesorado… para compartir nuestra experiencia con otros profesionales de la educación ambiental y de la educación en el patrimonio.

Programa formativo anual

Prácticas de Educación Ambiental

Throughout the year a good number of people interested in this field (teaching professionals and university students) attend the center to develop the Environmental Education internship program, which is carried out in collaboration with the University of Granada.

This program is also open to students from other universities to foreigners and to exchange with professionals from other environmental education centers. It is a free program.

The participants are fully integrated into the dynamics of the Pedagogical Team, not only in the specific performance of activities and workshops, but also in the programming, monitoring and evaluation of the meetings held in each program.