The Ermita Vieja nature classroom is located in the Sierra Nevada protected area, near Dílar, 18 km. from the city of Granada, in a lush valley, surrounded by walnut trees, traditional orchards and pine forests.

Accompanied by the constant and faithful sound of the river, the classroom welcomes children, teenagers, and adults who want to learn about and enjoy this setting as well as to learn to respect the environment.

It is a rustic building that was built fairly recently and is set up to house groups in multiple rooms; With spacious rooms and workshops where the different work programs can comfortably take place. The library with its fireplace invites us to have relaxed conversations while enjoying the heat of the fire at the end of a long day. Here people tell stories or have fun playing games and enjoy dances, music, theater and much more.

Here you can take a virtual tour of the Ermita Vieja Nature Classroom facilities:
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The natural environment that surrounds the Ermita Vieja nature classroom

In Sierra Nevada we find the highest peaks on the Iberian peninsula, the mountain offers us a white spectacle of snow in the colder months. From the lowest areas of the mountain to the highest, we find a diversity of ecosystems, in which a great variety of plant and animal species live, many of them unique to this region.

The nature classroom is located in a valley in the lower part of the mountains. The river Dílar, has forged its path through this valley over the ages and offers us a riverside landscape with clean waters that sometimes meander down the valley as a small stream and at others surge down in torrents of water. Alamedas, pine groves, steep mountains, wild rose bushes, and aromatic plants all offer us a beautiful landscape which provides enjoyment for the senses, with a wide range of colors at any time of year, being especially beautiful in autumn.

Located in an area blessed with access to hiking and mountain biking, there are routes to emblematic places in Sierra Nevada such as Alayos de Dílar, el Corazón de La Sandía or La Silleta del Padul and at a short distance from the main path you can reach the massif: El Sulayr.

Here you can see a video about different types of Sustainable Tourism offered in the Sierra Nevada Protected Area (the Ermita Vieja Nature Classroom appears at 6:50 minutes)


Photos of the facilities

How to get there

  • Camino de la fábrica de la luz, km 2
    18152 Dílar, Granada, Andalucía

Information and bookings

Oficina Huerto Alegre: 958 228 496


Registro de turismo H/GR/01398
Registro de turismo activo AT/GR/00110
Registro Andaluz de Centros de Educación Ambiental nº 16

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