Environmental Education in the natural, rural and urban environment

Huerto Alegre has been designing, promoting and developing environmental education programs in natural, rural and urban areas since its creation in 1982.

We like to educate for life, and with our didactic proposals we intend to deepen the relationships that people establish with themselves, others and the environment. This is done by addressing emotional, rational, eco-social, ecological, artistic, scientific, food and health aspects. That allows them to get to know and understand reality through critical thinking and at the same time understand its complexity. We also strive to promote participation and involvement in the development of a more sustainable and equitable society, in order to deal with the many current socio-environmental problems that our society faces.

We develop environmental education projects and activities in our two centers and in programs done in collaboration with different local governments.

Education regarding our cultural and historical heritage

We learn how to look at things through an intelligent process, in order to decipher and understand messages transmitted through our cultural and historical heritage. We go beyond the obvious and the apparent; understand the past, the path traveled by humanity up until today, analyze the visual worlds that surround us; stop to observe and learn to interpret what we see.

Design and creation of educational resources and publications

In an attempt to adapt educational practices to the context in which they are carried out, Huerto Alegre has produced its own educational resources and publications. This is shared with teachers, students, families, associations, libraries, other communities and countries, in some cases as an exchange of information and/or materials with other entities.

These resources and publications have been developed through critically analyzing the educational practice itself and by speaking to teachers and professionals from different educational, environmental, and cultural fields.

Training: courses, workshops, conferences, meetings

From the very beginning, Huerto Alegre was born from the desire to create spaces for debate and reflection among education professionals seeking adequate responses to the social needs of the moment.

For this reason, training spaces are set up every year where educators can meet up and exchange innovative educational practices around the “Educar Hoy” training program.

In addition, throughout the year a good number of people interested in this field, as well as university students, come to the center to do the Internship program that is carried out in collaboration with the University of Granada.

Eco-trips: culture and nature

We organize eco-trips for students and associations from both Spain and abroad. Sustainable and eco-friendly trips that combine enjoying nature and Granada´s culture, as well as visits to emblematic places in other provinces of Andalusia.